Wire crochet bracelet with clear glass beads - Ice castle


Fine silver wire crochet ball pendant with sapphires


Bead loomed Halloween flying bat pendant - I love bats


Brass wire crochet and cab pendant with Swarovski crystals - Queenie


Silver wire crochet ring with pink baroque triangle pearl


Bead loomed pendant Grouchycat - A HeatherCat


Wire knit bracelet with topaz glass cubes and red lampwork button


Bead loomed slim snap and wrap bracelet set with geometric patterns


Fine and sterling silver wire knit ring with faux amber and pearls


Twisted wire crochet bangle with earthy jasper beads


Fine silver wire crochet pendant with fossilized orthoceras


Wide bead loomed giant ladybug cuff - Coccinellula


Wire knit necklace with geode agate druzy


Vintage Barbie in wire crochet fairy suit with netted wings - Glaciele


Silver wire crochet black agate and green onyx ring - Grape pie


Wire crochet pendant with vintage fake coin button


Slim bead loomed snap and wrap emerald bracelet with pink bead soup pattern


Bead loomed cuff with cubes and golden bugles


Bead loomed triangle pendant with silver daggers


Orange wire crochet collier with fossilized corals - Field of flowers


Twisted golden wire knit bangle with seed beads


Slim bead loomed snap and wrap red and gold stripes bracelet


One pair of wire knit disk earrings with glass cubes - choose your color and size


Romantic wire crochet bracelet with Swarovski crystals - Rose sparkle


Black wire knit ring with red and black crystals - Vampire's tear


Wire knit and white glass pearls bridal necklace


Silver wire crochet hematine ring - Iron girl


Fine silver wire crochet pendant with labradorite and pearls


Fine and sterling silver wire crochet ring with fossilized coral - Honeycomb


Bead loomed gunmetal and silver Houndstooth fabric bracelet


Blue goldstone wire knit necklace - The Pod


Wire knit and crochet ring with amethyst and labradorite chips


Killer rabbit bead loomed cuff


Wire crochet lion head Leo pendant with crystals


Silver wire crochet with black and red Swarovski dome ring - Magma


Tiny green wire crochet bowl with polymer clay fruit mix


Small wire crochet bowl with polymer clay fruit


Silver wire crochet wrap bracelet with labradorite and aventurine


Bead loomed Christmas Cat Santa pendant


Bead loomed cat pendant Christmas Thief - A HeatherCat


SALE! Wire crochet Christmas ball ornament - choose your color


Unique wire work or bead loomed jewelry and sculptures

Cat's Wire offers unique jewelry and sculptures crocheted, knitted or woven from wire or created on a bead loom.
Elegant, playful, sometimes a little crazy, but never boring!