Item collection f276956c b31b 4780 8177 b5a2b6af9b18

Wire woven and crochet octopus necklace


Item collection aa727e52 d6fe 4aab 9e96 6dad3273b73a

Light golden ammonite wire woven and crochet necklace


Item collection 75c28469 d91b 40b4 a9c0 7962f322329e

Wire woven pendant with blue goldstone and pearl


Item collection 4309b273 a9f6 4e27 ac93 39a30a55b05f

Rollercoaster - wire woven pendant with lampwork bead


Item collection 8d37d16b 0a2d 4061 b53f d38405213d94

Isobel - Romantic wire woven pendant with pearls


Item collection c8ee46c6 dae7 4d89 b06b 04c960316bd2

Wire woven copper pendant with Sequoia petrified wood cabochon


Item collection 7deed3d5 1cd0 46d9 ad5a b3ed942f56e9

Wire woven butterfly pendant with lampwork bead


Item collection 4bc6e333 1467 4e8b 96ea f4ba4235c1de

Barney the Octopus wire woven pendant


Item collection 9db7713a ff32 4142 ac62 526cdc4635e0

Wire woven Gary green jasper pendant


Item collection 8754ff1f 16d6 4f17 9fa4 e032798d826d

Wire woven copper pendant with carved bone face and lampwork bead


Item collection 085733b9 8c73 48ef 9300 5370c17272e1

Wire woven ammonite pendant with tentacles


Item collection cd04b4d6 659f 43a6 b0b9 a31455ea97a2

Wire woven spiral pendant with ammonite


Item collection bae97776 8136 439e bfe6 07470605859f

Wire woven pendant with Cantera opal and crystals


Item collection 3acfeb04 65d2 4cda b98b 6444c516e9fd

Copper wire woven pendant with lampwork bead


Item collection a11ee2c1 c856 4a0d 80a7 96abbb529f65

Flying mermaid - wire woven silver and copper pendant


Item collection d8b2b80a b177 4105 9bb8 fd5912017cbf

Wire woven pendant with faceted tiger's eye


Item collection 555cae05 0a89 4974 89c5 b6dd3dc8b5da

Large wire woven octopus pendant with tumbled rock


Item collection e741ab22 0aa9 4167 9269 6e7ad07bdd35

Wire woven copper pendant with jasper and aventurine


Item collection 905f3bb5 b336 4bec 8bfa b19b9dbf986b

Wire woven gunmetal and gold pendant with lampwork


Item collection f8fe2d84 292b 4021 8962 f67fa6b1ffcc

Wire woven heart pendant with jasper on wire knit rope


Item collection f36eed57 9c77 4404 a631 0831df51bae3

Wire woven magic snake ring with amazonite


Unique wire work or bead loomed jewelry and sculptures

Cat's Wire offers unique jewelry and sculptures crocheted, knitted or woven from wire or created on a bead loom.
Elegant, playful, sometimes a little crazy, but never boring!