Item collection 1614419e 4b02 46d8 80e1 75ad2f36fbfb

Bead loomed cat bracelet Caterpillar - A HeatherCat


Item collection fbb4f1aa 6bbd 478d ad4d b8a14ce54445

Vintage inspired pattern blue and pewter bead loomed woven bracelet cuff


Item collection ac07d4f8 fa9d 4ddd a77d efbbc6574f66

Bead loomed cat bracelet TinyCat in a Box - A HeatherCat


Item collection e1b25826 33a8 4563 8036 eb9e8f1c5925

Porcupine - Bead loomed dagger bracelet in blue and green


Item collection 2dceef49 cebb 4ebc b05e 692dbdd620a4

Warrior's band - Black and blue dagger and seed bead bracelet


Item collection 44a0888b dc0a 4a23 a25c de38d7e5f348

Talavera inspired colorful bead loomed bracelet


Item collection ccc885df 8a09 402e ae97 0e622ac0db53

Bead loomed cuff with blue thread beads - Blue spheres


Item collection 281d81ce d1d5 47cb bcd2 ed63901d9351

Monochromatic triangle pattern bead loomed bracelet - Choose your colors


Item collection 3687a8da 5c7a 4e79 9177 23abc58897e7

Bead loomed tweed effect bracelet


Item collection 7268f50e 800c 4ec1 89a1 a83e2baf5450

Beaded bangle with triangle, tile, seed beads and crystals - Ice Queen


Item collection fc628a84 39a5 4de7 b3a3 552f7ec640c4

Bead loomed red, black and gold hearts bracelet


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Item collection a4a52b7e 5d0e 4e16 9588 51d000af9c4f

Wire knit and crochet Native Copper bracelet


Item collection f0d14b42 237e 4914 afea 8e7249768488

Bead loomed cat bracelet Petcat - A HeatherCat


Item collection 6844ff14 6793 4c42 8682 339ea75d0fb3

Slim bead loomed bracelet with galvanized beads


Item collection 1a3e86a0 73d1 41e5 b9ce a86a64f082c3

Bead loomed bracelet with amethyst glass lentils


Item collection 643925c6 3a17 4aae b554 e7d77a05225e

Bead loomed cuff with seed beads and zoisite


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Item collection 0471497f 7ba6 4012 aca3 353aac3634a0

Colorful wire crochet bead necklace and bangle set


Item collection 92f7f0ed e887 45ba 8aeb c85133163f69

Black bead loomed bracelet with colorful fringe


Item collection e690db33 4745 46b1 afaa 8779e059da7f

Bead woven bracelet with pearls and crystals


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Item collection b6c07087 1537 4c7a 9abc 283d145f6534

Wire knit bangle with matte green and blue beads


Item collection 8a084836 1a00 49a8 8ce6 e4fc59ddf554

Slim bead loomed bracelet with wave pattern


Item collection 52227b9d ee5b 48d3 9747 eb9226b5624c

Modern bead loomed bracelet with O beads


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Item collection 915f3d3a 0b15 483e 920e 9e7d751c93b1

Wide warm gold copper tone wire knit cuff


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Item collection 3f1782fd 90cb 4f84 8542 6218292ab2ef

Wire crochet bangle with red, blue, and golden seed beads


Item collection ae2b816f fc94 4f03 8ca2 bcf9f2c31388

Colorful pink and blue bead loomed bracelet - Bollywood Bells


Item collection 342de815 7024 4c2a 88d6 261f4591b392

Bead loomed cuff with button and dagger beads


Item collection 1e1d7766 144f 405b 9745 e01d885e5d0d

Loomed barrel and seed beads bracelet


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Item collection 1db9dbf6 7ce2 4983 82d4 d07c19207ca6

Wire knit bracelet with tiger eye beads


Item collection 4c139715 ef98 43e0 bc60 bd3c20772ffe

Black bead loomed cuff with pink crystal channel


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Item collection 3ee98782 e28b 439b 8ff6 c32e0e04f1a6

Sparkly slim wire crochet bracelet with crystals


Item collection 24744772 af76 4ece b1d0 eee11ae61640

Lavender bead loomed bracelet with crystals


Item collection f0d711d2 8095 4d02 b3e4 6cdac3e8acee

Beaded bracelet from piggy and seed beads


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Item collection a963eb87 bdf0 4d83 b422 f186a984b38d

Silver wire knit bracelet with teal lampwork bead


Item collection 6301fe4f e322 4320 aeb2 e4ae50e0f0e4

Geometric floor bead loomed bracelet in red, silver and gold


Item collection a373843c afcb 4300 8657 3d6fc2946c34

Wide sparkly beaded crystal cuff with satin cord


Item collection 77e992cc 356c 4499 92e9 78472a81b912

Bead loomed bracelet - Wild leopard


Item collection 5bad0642 cc31 4114 a692 e8ecaf6809c0

Air Element bead loomed bracelet with white glass beads


Item collection cad34455 54c3 489d ab81 7c606f710d27

Water Element bead loomed bracelet with Biwa pearls


Item collection 4c1e2e31 fe8d 4eff 92e8 2f108a5e85ce

Sunny Garden bead loomed bracelet with beaded flowers and lampwork sun


Item collection 857bb589 35d6 4c8f b540 c21dcac5cf07

Earth Element bead loomed bracelet with fossilized corals


Item collection d846879d fd73 4548 8b2f 01c8b63402dd

Bead loomed cat bracelet Living life on the hedge - A HeatherCat


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Item collection 4eb4ad25 8d7d 4ad0 afea ac11c704f4cd

Silver wire crochet bracelet with black and clear crystals stripes


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Item collection b1d3dc07 a958 419b 8cd2 d3d20c1fa40c

Blue wire knit bracelet with caged pink pearls


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Item collection d04ce7cd 33e3 4af8 8a0d ddc2eecd0c90

Wire crochet bracelet with colorful glass drops


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Item collection 5f74483c b846 4b39 903e b8b1c4783d03

Wire knit bracelet with blue glass cubes and lampwork button


Item collection a006ec54 d76c 4123 8e2a c0794069bf11

Bead loomed cuff with wood bead fringe - Flower child


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Item collection c3db1d51 ab6a 4633 ab95 61a72b1b376e

Colorful wire crochet rope bangle - Pick your color


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Item collection 895a3fec 4006 47d8 8878 81a998756451

Elegant violet and golden wire knit double layer bracelet


Item collection 281ab472 8a70 4616 bbff bf01d5199279

Slim bead loomed snap and wrap pumpkin bead soup bracelet


Item collection d3d03f10 1d6a 4b04 a2d8 89337ca1bcb8

Burgundy satin ribbon and golden bead loomed cuff


Item collection 7446243c e768 42bd ba5a edba8830cc07

Bead loomed metallic peanut and seed beads cuff with scales - Dragon skin


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Item collection 9df2c943 fbc8 44e6 bed4 ff6e06262041

Black wire knit bangle with black and bronze cube beads


Item collection d0a7c4a0 448e 45f1 8f73 c3f048b6539b

Bead loomed geometric pattern bracelet - Indian Floor


Item collection e6d86608 ac6d 4933 89ad fd8c08b4e2a0

Wide bead loomed cuff with rectangle pattern


Item collection d81fa85b e61e 4732 82e8 c932fe222d93

Slim bead loomed snap and wrap pink and grey mod stripes bracelet


Item collection 5d9fc0b3 43bd 4d6f a357 0c402fa32f43

Wide bead loomed fabric pattern bracelet - Argyle


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Item collection 9d72b201 bd3d 4e72 80ee 467dec7cdf8a

Wide silver tone wire knit cuff with tanzanite crystals


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Item collection 50c20db0 a267 408c 86f8 c09efe9638ba

Wire knit bracelet with glass cubes and agate bead button


Item collection d0c09ce8 bfc7 4858 b03d 42f2b73ef352

Bead loomed Bollywood inspired bracelet


Item collection f1eb9c34 c453 4ef4 9f63 a47944011a27

Bead loomed cat bracelet Biskit's Bum - A HeatherCat (Made to order)


Unique wire work or bead loomed jewelry and sculptures

Cat's Wire offers unique jewelry and sculptures crocheted, knitted or woven from wire or created on a bead loom.
Elegant, playful, sometimes a little crazy, but never boring!