Item collection 95a2943c 9d4a 49e8 946a b5016e275b22

Blue suns - beaded rivoli earrings with daggers


Item collection 565bd8eb c509 4c9e bc0c 236e61791c36

Bead loomed four leaf clover earrings


Item collection 001ac4ac 155f 4b9b b97c 6ad70f3fa599

Beaded earrings with crystals and pearls


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Item collection 2532f058 fdce 4c52 a668 8c7f57da7406

Silver wire crochet hoop earrings with pink beads


Item collection 2f30982c 52f1 4b93 8216 5101320557f2

Fun earrings with lava, piggy, and seed beads


Item collection 3f914fc5 9a8e 493d 8af2 60a13c2def2f

Beaded fringe earrings with dagger beads


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Item collection 3270bcda 5fa1 48b1 a911 b78b071de7e2

Wire crochet earrings with red, blue, and golden seed beads


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Item collection 777def60 048f 4759 bef7 ae63ad4d28dd

Square silver wire knit earrings with pearls


Item collection 10116534 fb83 485c 8905 843615d4e6a7

Beaded circle earrings with firepolished crystals


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Item collection 855911d6 e6d4 4ac3 8028 b6a5cf04e606

Wire knit trumpet flower earrings with tiny gemstones


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Item collection 3ba433b1 3be1 44a5 aaa1 221058d6a4bf

Wire crochet hoop earrings with lampwork beads


Item collection ddd6ecd5 a3ab 43a1 93e2 199d7306c0a2

Beaded tassel earrings with rose beads and drops


Item collection 153b2eab c2b8 441e b7d0 10418c7a31c3

Bead loomed fall leaves earrings with crystals


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Item collection 9488d747 cdfc 4830 8423 9921085870a6

Bauble wire knit silver earrings with matte ice glass drops


Item collection 290995db 415b 4792 949f eedab10ef8b1

Bead loomed black cat earrings - A HeatherCat


Item collection 223a85be f459 4516 8f2b eefd968ae95c

Lavender beaded lacy earrings


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Item collection a454f42c 360e 4abe b445 8aab18395fab

Silver wire crochet drop earrings with dangling green crystal drops


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Item collection 9327ada2 c181 45b7 8155 c3f1ea67588d

Fine silver wire knit earrings with faux amber cabochons


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Item collection 82f400d7 09c0 40cf ba78 eefc35450f97

Silver wire knit earrings with black agate and amethyst


Item collection 0811cda1 a592 4d78 bf30 50bef4beddc4

Bead loomed white angel and black devil cat earrings


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Item collection 56d018f2 629a 4b1a 906b 3cf7980bcae3

Blue pearls silver bauble wire knit earrings


Item collection ae7e0b0d 7a27 45de 8ee1 1d753a1f7ec8

SALE! Bead loomed earrings - Choose your image


Item collection 39e24e71 bf7f 4f17 8475 0f82ef6df70f

Beaded blue and gold set of earrings and necklace


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Item collection 973fe433 00d3 4e00 92de e91de1da5996

Green wire crochet star earrings


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Item collection 4f462395 4d6d 4deb 87f1 d1858a2f58d9

Blue wire crochet disk earrings with dagger beads


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Item collection 91a6e078 bbde 41a0 9cf3 fdf4f7b5779b

Wire crochet shell earrings with peacock glass pearls


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Item collection c1763c89 dcc8 40ee a14b 403e800574de

Golden wire knit hoops with emerald bugle beads


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Item collection 4daaaf37 2ab3 40cd af40 1184eed4a7e0

One pair of wire knit disk earrings with glass cubes - choose your color and size


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Item collection dfcba585 4568 4b68 8a2e edbb10da941a

Sterling silver and seed beads wire crochet earrings - Ice flowers


Unique wire work or bead loomed jewelry and sculptures

Cat's Wire offers unique jewelry and sculptures crocheted, knitted or woven from wire or created on a bead loom.
Elegant, playful, sometimes a little crazy, but never boring!