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Item collection 05fcca09 8d9d 46b1 9957 6788434b8dd4

Wire crochet silver and blue sapphire star ring


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Item collection 0471497f 7ba6 4012 aca3 353aac3634a0

Colorful wire crochet bead necklace and bangle set


Item collection 1e1d7766 144f 405b 9745 e01d885e5d0d

Loomed barrel and seed beads bracelet


Item collection 24744772 af76 4ece b1d0 eee11ae61640

Lavender bead loomed bracelet with crystals


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Item collection c95a788c e802 47de ae2d 39ea2db25e18

Olive wood and brown wire crochet pendant


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Fine silver wire crochet musical clef pendant


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Item collection 3dff8797 f130 460f bcf5 47a9e85a7390

Silver wire crochet ring with red goldstone beads


Item collection 223a85be f459 4516 8f2b eefd968ae95c

Lavender beaded lacy earrings


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Item collection 56d018f2 629a 4b1a 906b 3cf7980bcae3

Blue pearls silver bauble wire knit earrings


Item collection 41afcc73 1166 4f1e 9488 f2ae4dedbb89

Beaded pink crystal and blue star pendant


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Item collection 63e1f397 cfea 4829 aca4 8f8ff999cfb5

Wire knit bracelet with red cubes and crystals


Item collection ae7e0b0d 7a27 45de 8ee1 1d753a1f7ec8

SALE! Bead loomed earrings - Choose your image


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Item collection 52591ead cd4e 41f8 873a 6112125e6121

Silver wire crochet black agate and green onyx ring - Grape pie


Item collection f154619f 556d 4ea8 a4a6 da11b5445296

Bead loomed cuff with cubes and golden bugles


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Item collection 6d30a64d b952 4caf 9f46 7355d4845913

Golden wire knit ring with green moss agate


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Item collection 78a57f62 7b30 4029 8d06 e3f2482f90fb

Colorful wire crochet mandala pendant - Hippie circles


Item collection cdb564ea 79ed 41f9 b4c9 cf9dc3bed2bd

Bead loomed gunmetal and silver Houndstooth fabric bracelet


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Item collection 3580631c 88c9 44dd bd33 fc2b423bd1ac

Wire crochet eye pendant with pearls - I'll be watching you


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Item collection dfcba585 4568 4b68 8a2e edbb10da941a

Sterling silver and seed beads wire crochet earrings - Ice flowers


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Item collection 52b00c3d 7f13 4b3d 8013 308cd6fc3358

Silver wire crochet wrap bracelet with labradorite and aventurine


Unique wire work or bead loomed jewelry and sculptures

Cat's Wire offers unique jewelry and sculptures crocheted, knitted or woven from wire or created on a bead loom.
Elegant, playful, sometimes a little crazy, but never boring!