Wire crochet silver and blue sapphire star ring


Colorful wire crochet bead necklace and bangle set


Loomed barrel and seed beads bracelet


Netted orange calcite pendant


Silver wire crochet ring with red goldstone beads


Blue pearls silver bauble wire knit earrings


Wire knit bracelet with red cubes and crystals


Silver wire crochet black agate and green onyx ring - Grape pie


Bead loomed cuff with cubes and golden bugles


Bead loomed gunmetal and silver Houndstooth fabric bracelet


Wire crochet eye pendant with pearls - I'll be watching you


Silver wire crochet wrap bracelet with labradorite and aventurine


Unique wire work or bead loomed jewelry and sculptures

Cat's Wire offers unique jewelry and sculptures crocheted, knitted or woven from wire or created on a bead loom.
Elegant, playful, sometimes a little crazy, but never boring!