Item collection 95a2943c 9d4a 49e8 946a b5016e275b22

Blue suns - beaded rivoli earrings with daggers


Item collection c423d7ab 8115 495c 93e6 1ac7b7850230

Beaded pendant with porcelain jasper and dagger beads


Item collection 001ac4ac 155f 4b9b b97c 6ad70f3fa599

Beaded earrings with crystals and pearls


Item collection 61a228d1 f15f 45fe bbad 4d766c07097e

Beaded rainbow moonstone pendant - Ice Moon


Item collection 7ee1e592 10ab 475e a5fa 121954c69284

Colorful beaded necklace with magnesite lentils - Fruity Sweets


Item collection 7268f50e 800c 4ec1 89a1 a83e2baf5450

Beaded bangle with triangle, tile, seed beads and crystals - Ice Queen


Item collection 880cd6db 8fcd 4cdf 935f 08e2d9203140

Beaded circle necklace with firepolished crystals


Item collection e690db33 4745 46b1 afaa 8779e059da7f

Bead woven bracelet with pearls and crystals


Item collection 2f30982c 52f1 4b93 8216 5101320557f2

Fun earrings with lava, piggy, and seed beads


Item collection 3f914fc5 9a8e 493d 8af2 60a13c2def2f

Beaded fringe earrings with dagger beads


Item collection ddb8bef7 08d0 4f00 9f87 9d707fda66f8

Hematite necklace with crystal filled netting


Item collection 30babb38 abe2 4422 ab93 11eca8ef3c47

Bead loomed feather pendant with rutile quartz


Item collection 516477f9 3831 4994 af30 d1e02b80f634

Beaded black feather pendant with labradorite


Item collection d9087bb7 e150 444f a7ef 5a7dd02a4416

Fall colors Herringbone spiral necklace with loops


Item collection f0d711d2 8095 4d02 b3e4 6cdac3e8acee

Beaded bracelet from piggy and seed beads


Item collection 10116534 fb83 485c 8905 843615d4e6a7

Beaded circle earrings with firepolished crystals


Item collection ddd6ecd5 a3ab 43a1 93e2 199d7306c0a2

Beaded tassel earrings with rose beads and drops


Item collection a373843c afcb 4300 8657 3d6fc2946c34

Wide sparkly beaded crystal cuff with satin cord


Item collection f5ab34c7 fccd 41ee 9e1c 7e8bf9524e45

Beaded Bollywood necklace with Twin and seed beads


Item collection 88d5ba27 2bfa 4286 890f e04192c96c7a

Beaded dragon scale pendant - Purple Shell


Item collection 8085b145 a3fa 4c41 9abd dd3d764bafe8

Long Herringbone spiral beaded rope necklace


Item collection 223a85be f459 4516 8f2b eefd968ae95c

Lavender beaded lacy earrings


Item collection 04a09819 c25a 4921 a505 669f6e9ccd74

Beaded dragon scale pendant - Green Rainbow Spike


Item collection f43ed295 7994 4dc5 8e45 cd89bbfe380b

Beaded dragon scale pendant - Golden metal scale


Item collection 41afcc73 1166 4f1e 9488 f2ae4dedbb89

Beaded pink crystal and blue star pendant


Item collection 39e24e71 bf7f 4f17 8475 0f82ef6df70f

Beaded blue and gold set of earrings and necklace


Item collection 243fb382 a651 4833 afe0 71f066493dc2

Beaded dragon scale pendant - Green metal scale


Item collection d06d768f bc2b 46a8 995e 18092970235f

Beaded Herringbone Twin Beads necklace with flower lampwork bead


Item collection 1200f72c a105 4626 a4b5 b13c122cd6ff

Beaded red heart pendant - Give your heart


Item collection ca3610a6 6039 4232 978a 5e96d1daf8f5

Beaded dragon scale pendant - Ash scale


Item collection 65276ecc c1f3 4f24 b311 a870a0d8ffb0

Beaded domed metallic Twin Beads pendant


Unique wire work or bead loomed jewelry and sculptures

Cat's Wire offers unique jewelry and sculptures crocheted, knitted or woven from wire or created on a bead loom.
Elegant, playful, sometimes a little crazy, but never boring!