Peyote kitty head ring - Made to order



Product Description

I love cats, and I love cats' eyes.
Inspired by this and by the not always so gentle nudging of Ponder, one of my two personal panthers, I designed the Kitty Gang.
The Kitty Gang are beaded peyote rings with big eyes and small ears after my original design. They can be made in different sizes, with different eyes and different color combinations, for example Mini Panther (here with two different eye colors), Tabby, Brown Burmese, and White Shorthair as in these samples.
Please contact me, so we can talk about color choices!

Delivery time is 3 - 5 working days after immediate receipt of payment.
This information is only valid for shipping to Germany. Shipping times to other countries may vary.

Peyote kitty head ring - Made to order